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The DSWD Medical Assistance is a regular program by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) that specifically focuses on the “poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged” sectors of society. The DSWD Medical Assistance program is called “Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations” (AICS).

DSWD Medical Assistance
DSWD Medical Assistance

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Under its Assistance to Individuals in Crisis (AICS) program, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) offers a number of programs, including the DSWD Medical Assistance Program (MAP), which provides medical allowances and cash grants to eligible indigent people to pay for their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The funds from this DSWD Cash Assistance may be used to help pay for medical expenses, hospital procedures, and/or therapy for Filipinos who require financial support.

What is DSWD Medical Assistance Program (MAP)

The DSWD Medical Assistance Program is intended to minimize the financial strain that indigent patients and their families experience when it comes to paying for hospital bills, doctor visits, and prescription medications.

The DSWD is dedicated to meeting the community’s unmet health requirements in the impoverished and vulnerable areas. It strives to offer destitute patients with necessary medications, hospitalization, and medical care through this program.

The program assists the poor in paying for their medical bills, particularly those who are unable to do it on their own.

  • The DSWD Medical Assistance Program (MAP) is a no-cost health care initiative that offers financial aid to impoverished Filipino families who require assistance in covering their medical costs.
  • In accordance with the social worker’s evaluation, childbirth is not covered unless the patient experienced problems during delivery. Except in situations when the medication or treatment is unavailable at the hospital or is not covered by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, the client shall not be entitled to financial assistance for inpatient care (PhilHealth).
  • The DSWD’s MAP is the financial support given to help cover hospitalization costs, the price of medications, other medical treatment or procedures such implants, laboratory procedures, including but not limited to computerized tomography (CT) scan, EKG, and other related costs (ECG). magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a 2D echocardiography, and the supply of a helper device Professional fees and other additional medical costs can be covered.

What is AICS Medical Assistance

As the name implies, AICS Medical Assistance means “Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations”, this refers to providing medical care to Filipinos who are in the greatest need. Based on the specific medical necessity and the Social Welfare Officer’s evaluation, the amount to be given varies from case to case.

Benefits of DSWD Medical Assistance

The DSWD Medical Assistance Program aims to help those who are in need and cannot afford to pay for their medical expenses by giving qualified applicants a cash grant to aid them with their medical bills.

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The DSWD Medical Assistance is available to indigent patients in both public and private hospitals and healthcare institutions, including:

  • people with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses;
  • individuals detained in a government psychiatric facility;
  • victims of typhoons, fires, and other calamities caused by nature;
  • handicapped people whose impairments are unrelated to their jobs.

For people without health insurance or who are unable to pay their medical expenditures, the DSWD Medical Assistance Program is especially beneficial.

DSWD Medical Cash Assistance
DSWD Medical Cash Assistance

Documents Required for DSWD Medical Assistance

To apply for DSWD Medical Assistance, you are required to submit a Valid ID, together with ANY of the following documents:

  • Medical Certificate / Clinical Abstract;
  • Discharge Summary;
  • Death Summary; or
  • Alagang Pinoy Tagubilin Form.

NOTE: The medical certificate, the discharge summary, and the death summary must clearly state the date and the details of the doctor’s name and signature, license number, and patient’s diagnosis; and it must have been issued within the past three (3) months.

For Specific cases, the following additional documents may also be required:

For Paying Hospital Bills

  • Temporary or Final Hospital Bill / Statement of Account (Outstanding Balance) (including the complete name and signature or the billing clerk; or
  • Certificate of Balance / Promissory Note (if the patient has been discharged).
  • For Buying Medicines
  • Doctor’s Prescription; or
  • Treatment Protocol.

NOTE: All documents must clearly state the date they were given, together with the details of the doctor’s signature, license number, and patient’s diagnosis.

For Medical Procedures / Operations

  • Laboratory Request;
  • Laboratory Protocol; or
  • Doctor’s Order.

NOTE: These documents should clearly state the date they were given, together with the details of the doctor’s signature, license number, and patient’s diagnosis. Also, it should have been issued within the past three (3) months.

For Therapy and Other Forms of Treatment

  • Treatment Protocol (indicating the date it was given; full name, license number, and signature of the doctor);
  • PhilHealth Certification (stating that the member has used up his/her PhilHealth benefits;
  • Quotation (including the full amount to be paid, with the full name and signature of the issuing officer); or
  • Psychiatrist / Psychologist Certification (indicating the date it was given; full name, license number, and signature of the doctor).

How to Apply for DSWD Medical Assistance Program (DSWD MAP-AICS)

Applicants who wish to get medical assistance are advised to visit the nearest DSWD office. People in the provinces can visit the DSWD Field Offices, which are spread out around the nation, while those in the National Capital Region (NCR) can go to the DSWD Central Office. You can also ask at the department’s satellite offices, which are located in each Local Government Unit (LGU).

The DSWD office will provide guidance on how to submit an application for the specific kind of financial aid that you want.

The three main steps involved in getting DSWD Medical Assistance are

  1. Screening. The first step in applying for medical assistance is to submit the necessary documentary requirements.
  2. Assessment. The Social Welfare Officer will look into your application and determine the type of medical assistance that’s appropriate for you.
  3. Payout. After completing the application, the DSWD Medical assistance will be forwarded to the DSWD for approval.
Dswd Medical Assistance Program AICS
Dswd Medical Assistance Program AICS

Video – How to Apply for DSWD Cash Assistance AICS

In a video posted on YouTube, a DSWD Region III official discussed the financial assistance that the agency can provide to a patient in need of a CT scan. The video was shared by Serbisyong Bayanihan, a program of UNTV Public Service.

Need Help regarding Medical Assistance and AICS Cash Aid

To discuss or ask about the AICS program or other DSWD services, individuals can call its Agency Operations Center. This can be reached by calling its 24-hour hotline number.

  • Smart — 0943 464 8026 / 0943 464 8086 / 0932 933 3251
  • Globe — 0995 715 3926 / 0995 715 3934

NOTE: The above mentioned numbers are also available to answer inquiries from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every working day, excluding holidays. These can be reached from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm during weekends and on holidays.


When will I receive the DSWD Medical assistance?

In general, the DSWD can provide financial assistance totaling less than PHP 10,000 in just one business day. Contrarily, assistance above PHP 10,000 can be distributed in three to five days with top management clearance. A guarantee letter is also acceptable in situations involving funeral and medical aid.

How can I contact DSWD for Medical Assistance

Visit the nearest DSWD Office or call on the numbers given below:
Smart — 0943 464 8026 / 0943 464 8086 / 0932 933 3251
Globe — 0995 715 3926 / 0995 715 3934

What is a DSWD Malasakit Center?

The Malasakit Center serves as a one-stop office for various government agencies that provide medical and financial aid to the poor. It can be found in various public hospitals across the country.

What are the documents required for DSWD Medical Assistance

The documents required will vary depending on your specific requirements. Prepare documents such as the hospital bill, doctor’s prescription, medical certificate, laboratory request, and other related documents if you are applying for medical assistance.

DSWD Central Office Contact Info

If you are based in the NCR, you can get in touch with the DSWD Central Office through the following contact details. Your concern will be addressed by the Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU), which manages the AICS program.

Address: Batasang Pambansa Complex, Constitution Hills, Quezon City, Philippines, 1126
Telephone: (02) 8931 8101
Email: inquiry@dswd.gov.ph / ciu.co@dswd.gov.ph
Website: https://www.dswd.gov.ph/