DSWD Cash Assistance for Students | Nationwide

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has recently made an official announcement regarding the distribution of Educational Cash Assistance throughout the country.

The DSWD Cash Assistance program aims to provide financial aid to eligible Filipinos who are in need. This article will provide an overview of the official announcement for the DSWD Cash Assistance, who is qualified for the program, how much the Educational Cash Assistance payout is, and how eligible students can receive it.

DSWD Educational Assistance 2022
DSWD Educational Assistance 2022

Quick intro

  • DSWD has announced the nationwide distribution of Educational Cash Assistance.
  • DSWD program aims to provide financial aid to students in crisis situations.
  • Eligible students can receive the payout by following the proper application process.

Official Announcement for DSWD Cash Assistance

DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo has announced that the agency will distribute financial assistance to qualified indigent students every Saturday until September 24, 2022. This initiative falls under the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations (AICS) Program.

The distribution is ongoing in DSWD Field Offices nationwide. This program aims to provide financial aid to students who are in need, especially during the pandemic.

How much is the Educational Cash Assistance?

The amount of cash assistance for the Program varies depending on the level of education.

  • Elementary students can receive PhP 1,000,
  • While high school students can receive PhP 2,000,
  • Senior high school students can receive PhP 3,000,
  • Vocational or college students can receive PhP 4,000.

Who is qualified for the Cash Assistance?

The DSWD Cash Assistance is available for students who are in crisis situations.

  • Breadwinners
  • Working students
  • Those who have no family or are living with relatives,
  • Parents with no source of living,
  • Children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs),
  • Children of HIV victims,
  • Victims of domestic abuse, and
  • Victims of natural disasters.

Elementary, high school, senior high school, vocational, and college-level students are all eligible to apply for the DSWD educational cash assistance program.

How to Receive the Educational Assistance Payout?

To receive the Educational Assistance Payout, students have two options:

  1. Walk-In: Students can go directly to DSWD Central Office and Field Offices nationwide. Specific instructions per DSWD Field Office can be checked, and students can contact DSWD via their Facebook pages.
  2. Email Request: Students can email their request to ciu.co@dswd.gov.ph and wait for a text confirmation from DSWD. This text will include the date and location of the payout distribution, as well as the requirements to bring.

It’s important to note that students can only receive the cash aid if they meet the eligibility criteria set by DSWD.