CHED Scholarship Program 2023: Application Form & Benefits

The CHED Scholarship Program is a Commission on Higher Education program. Students can benefit from this Scholarship Program. Applicants will receive financial aid to help them continue their education. For more information on the CHED Scholarship Program 2023, please read the content given in this article. Here, you will find complete details, including step-by-step form-filling requirements, eligibility criteria for receiving benefits, benefits given under the program, important dates, and much more.

CHED Scholarship 2023
CHED Scholarship 2023

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About CHED Scholarship

The CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) is one of the most valued scholarship opportunities for incoming college students in the Philippines. The CHED Scholarship Program 2023 has a primary goal of providing financial assistance to college students who are currently enrolled or intend to enroll in recognized colleges, universities, or higher education institutions. The program will award scholarships based on merit, offering both full and half scholarships. The program allows students to submit their application forms online.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must be a Filipino citizen.
  • The candidate should be a senior high school graduate and/or for graduation with GWA 96% or higher for full merit and GWA 93% to 95% for half-SSP or half-PESFA.
  • The applicant’s family’s gross income cannot exceed four lakh rupees.
  • The applicant must not be a beneficiary of any other scholarship or financial assistance program.
  • A candidate must not have completed any degree program.

Documents Required

  • An original certified copy of the birth certificate
  • When it comes to income documentation, the following documents are required:
  • A copy of Grade 11 and 1st semester of Grade 12 reports
  • High school proof
  • For children of OFWs and seafarers, a photocopy of any of the following documents is necessary:
  • The most recent copy of the contract;
  • Income proof
  • In contrast, for children of non-OFWs, a photocopy of any of the following documents is required:
  • A photocopy of the parents’ or guardians’ most recent income tax return;
  • Certificate of Tax Exemption from the Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • A Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) case study
  • Affidavit of No Earnings
  • Barangay Indigency Certificate

Scholarship Benefits

Benefits Of CHED Scholarship Program


Full ScholarshipAnnual20,00040,00060,000
Full ScholarshipSemestral10,00020,00030,000
Half ScholarshipAnnual10,00020,00030,000
Half ScholarshipSemestral5,00010,00015,000


Full ScholarshipAnnualFREE40,00060,000
Full ScholarshipSemestralFREE20,00030,000
Half ScholarshipAnnualFREE20,00030,000
Half ScholarshipSemestralFREE10,00015,000

How to Apply for CHED Scholarship?

Application Procedure for the CHED Scholarship Program 2023
To apply for the scholarship program, please follow the steps below:

Click the links for the region to which you live.

  • On the computer screen, the application form will appear.
  • Fill out the application form with the information requested on the screen.
  • Complete the application and upload the required documents.
  • Review the information you provided and submit the application form.
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